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Double Box Plot package boxplotdbl 1.2.0 released

This article describes changes from the first release on March 2013, including changes from the beta release of package boxplotdbl.

New features

Newly supported arguments:

  • col
  • factor.labels
  • draw.legend
  • shading
  • shading.angle
  • blackwhite
  • STAT

Implicitly supported arguments:

following boxplot color parameters were added.

  • medcol
  • whiskcol
  • staplecol
  • boxcol
  • outcol
  • outbg

Newly supported variable type in S3 method:

accepts four vectors instead of two data.frames
accepts two sets of formula and data.frame
accepts a saved stat output of boxplotdou.

Important changes

Following arguments were removed

at the release on April 2013, because these were actually not working;
color, color.sheer and pars.

Output value format is changed.

Previous output is available as an item of $stat .  This change is to enable replay by previous output by bodplotdou.list(x, ...).

Roll of name.on.axis argument was slightly changed,

name.on.axis=TRUE is now to show lables by abbreviation (a, b, c, ...).   Previsously, the value was to show labels by full name.  To do the same, name.on.axis=NULL or =factor.labels must be specified.  The default action is unchanged, showing full names.  The roll of FALSE is unchanged.  This change is to make the action compatible to factor.labels.

Example of showing new features

boxplotdou(Sepal.Length~Species, iris, Sepal.Width~Species, iris, 
           shading=TRUE, factor.labels=FALSE, name.on.axis=TRUE, 
Fig. 1. Example of showing new features

Fig. 1. Example of showing new features

Download is available at http://code.google.com/p/cowares-excel-hello/downloads/list?q=label:boxplotdbl_r .
Expected to be available at CRAN soon.


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