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elliplot 1.1.1 package is now available at CRAN

A good news is that the elliplot 1.1.1 is listed at CRAN. Now the procedure to install is simple for Windows users.


The above is the simplest way to install, load and use the package.

Mac users may want to try the followings, because a binary package for Mac is not available at this moment.

install.packages('elliplot', type='source')

The delay of building binaries for Mac seems usual schedule of CRAN listing. Anyway, the job of CRAN people was faster than I expected.  That was good.

Unfortunately, there is a bad news come together with the good one. I changed the license to MIT for this package only. The only change between elliplot 1.1.0 and elliplot 1.1.1 is the license.

CRAN lists preferred licences at http://www.r-project.org/Licenses/.
Though there is an option to receive a license that is not listed at that page, this option is for a major license. They do not want to accept a minor license. So, I had to change my license to a major one, to list elliplot at CRAN.

That is not a matter.

I believe the MIT license is compatible with the cowares (paid4e) license,
and I will adopt the MIT only for packages contributing to CRAN.

I understand that CRAN needs plenty of legal words, while I like a license written by simple usual words.


One comment on “elliplot 1.1.1 package is now available at CRAN

  1. Vincent Vinh-Hung
    August 26, 2015

    Great package.

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